Amber Wave Daenerys

Date of Birth: 10 May 2016

Size:   51 cm 

Weight:  15.5 kg



HD A     ED 0/0     OCD free

CEA, MDR1, DM, RS, EAOD, GG, IGS, NCL5, SN, TNS, Cystirunia Type II-A, MC, HUU, PLL

All clear


NHAT - 1, HWT 
OB-2 (Excellent), RО-2, ВН/VT


Best Baby, Best Puppy, RU JCH, RU CH, 5хBOB, CACIB, BIG-3



This dog loves to work: be it agility, frisbee or herding she gives her all to the task.
Nery is a very sharp and flexible female ready for action 24\7.
She is not discouraged by many repetitions, works with the same will to please and is goal-oriented.
Since her puppy days she was a very «mature» dog: could easily understand what type of behavior is desirable, switched from play time to work time and followed the commands ordered, easy ones as well as more challenging for her age.

She has no trouble focusing on her task and her human no matter what type of environment she’s placed in.

Nery is a fast learner who can be motivated by toys and food both.


Nery is a great, trouble-free companion. She is calm and collected in every type of setting: home, car, public transport, even on vacation or competition trips.
We are frequent travelers and she exhibited no stress or nervousness in cars, busses, metro, and train. Notably, plane trips were also nothing much for her. She is a stable dog who is confident herself and trusts her owner.

Throughout the years, she’s shown no aggression or fear.
Around children she remains calm and gentle in interactions.
Nery would always pick humans over playing with any dog, she is simply not interested in their company. But she proved to be a caring mother for her puppies .

Of course, Nery enjoys work most of all but she’s up for any new adventure as well as some quiet time at home.