Uncharted Treasure Sonic Workaholic 

( Jamie from Thircan's Dream х Radocha Forest Land Chilabo)





54.5 cm

18 kg







MDR1, DM, RS, EAOD, GG, IGS, NCL5, SN, Cystirunia Type II-A, MC, HUU, PLL - clear

TNS, CEA - healthy, carrier



Agility, frisbee


HD A     ED 0/0     OCD free​

Eyes, heart - clear (2020)


''We train agility where Qui is very fast and agile, but maybe not so tight. Has no problem with work inside or outside. When he see course, anything is as important as run. Always has big motivation and high drive.
We train frisbee too, where he is very effective, catchs mostly everything, jumps very high and loves it so much. He is great dog for freestyle and distance and has no problem to work with strangers or my friends (with really nice results). 
He is really nice herding dog, which I heared few times from advanced trainers. He is very strong and brave, is doing great in every situation and he is good individual worker (but still pays attention to my command).''


''In everyday life Quick is a very happy dog, always wants to play or cuddle, he really loves huging and being pet. In morning, when my two other dogs go outside, he prefer sleep in bed and go for a walk with me later. When someone is sad, he is always trying his best to cheer up.

Qui has perfect body language and won't fight with other dogs (no matter about size or sex), he avoid conflicts. He loves people and children, I think he would be perfect dogotherapy dog. He mostly has no fears, is a little bit afraid of fireworks but when I propose him play, cuddle or work, he stop paying attention to this. I can take him everywhere, in public transport he sleep, at restaurant too, I love travelling with him. Big town, cars, crowds, noises are for him something normal.''