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( Why Not Zet from My Queen х Never Never Land K'Constellation Primrose)

Full information https://themeritofstars.wixsite.com/bordercollie



53.5 cm

18 kg



CEA, IGS, TNS, MDR1, GG, SN, MH, RS, NCL, DM, PLL, HUU, Cystinuria Type II, Hiplaxity 1, Hiplaxity 2


   NHAT , LA-3


HD A     ED 0/0     OCD free

Eyes - clear 


He is a type of a dog that is not satisfied with poor quality work. If he has clearly defined criteria, he understands them very well and follows them, putting his heart into every element of the task. He is not discouraged by many repetitions, he works with the same will to please and is goal-oriented. Mer is mentally stable, since the puppy he was focused on work, regardless of what was happening next to him. He has very good on/off and controls his emotions. Mer does not bark at work, he can lie relaxed while other dogs run on the course. He learns fast and works great for both toys and food.

He easily adjusts the style of work to the situation, works differently on sheep than on agility trainings.


Mer is a brave male, but also mommy's beloved little son. Calm in unexpected situations, not afraid of storms, shots, fireworks. He loves children, gets along well with other dogs. He does not show resource guarding behaviour - he even tries to give the toy to the other dogs so they can play together. Mer is a dog who is always around, but he does not attract any unnecessary attention. He is just always next to me, ready to work or lazing around all day.

We live in the city center - urban noise, traffic, trams are not a problem. He is fine with staying home alone. When it comes to holidays - we sail, we canoe, sleep under a tent and hike in the mountains.