Еvening Сanella Flavor

Date of Birth: 25 September 2018

Size:   50 cm 

Weight:  15 kg




HD A     ED 0/0     OCD free

CEA, MDR1, DM, RS, GG, IGS, NCL5, SN, TNS, Cystirunia Type II-A, MC, HUU, PLL: clear

EAOD: carrier (linked marker test)


А1, NHAT - 1, RО-1




Koritsa is a smart and diligent female with a lean and very flexible body structure. Her natural jump is beautiful, strength and speed is amazing despite seeming rather petite at a first glance, all of these qualities she demonstrates each and every time on the agility track.
She is not one to rush, listens first then acts, but acts precisely if given the right instructions. She’s still very young, nonetheless, she shows great work qualities and quick thinking. As soon as this girl understands her task thoroughly she’ll do her best to get it right, never slacking off on the job.

Among her best work qualities , I would note the ability to thrust from the starting line without needing time to gain her speed and also incredible memory: once she learns a new move or trick she can do it even a year after, with the same smoothness and accuracy as if it was yesterday.

Koritsa likes to work, as long as she gets to spend time together with her human. She is still a bit puppy-like in that manner. She gives her all to whatever is asked and quickly recovers from any mistakes she might make without getting discouraged, she’s always ready to attack the challenge onсe again.
Has an “on\off” button, out of track she’d be laying calmly but as soon as she’s called to work she’s ready 200%.
When herding she remains calm and collected and works with her eyes as well that helps her to drive difficult sheep.​


Koritsa is an eternal child : constantly positive, likes to make everyone laugh by her quirky funny ways. She understands what the person is feeling and mirrors it, being quiet if the human seems to be not in the mood or bringing toys if she sees you are free to play.
She is extremely loving, her favorite thing in the world is cuddling and being close to human in any way, either laying by your feet when you work or snuggling on the bed at night.

Very well-behaved in travelling, no barking on strangers dogs or pulling the leash during long walks, as always, she remains close to her owner without paying attention to anything else even in public places such as malls, and transport. She started travelling all over Europe and Russia at 4 months and no train or plane ride scared her.

New places, bustling and sparkling Moscow on Christmas, huge and loud show hall, competitions and meetups nothing bothered this brave little puppy. Koritsa is most definitely a very confident dog.

A fun-loving and cheerful girl with a bit of childish manners, no fears or aggression.